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Permaculture demonstration site on the island of Siquijor in the Philippines
in the Philippines
The following is an example of a project designed entirely from maps and photos, ie John did not visit the site prior to creating the design.
Although the act of walking the site provides valuable information not available on maps or in photos, there are actually some advantages to designing a site remotely. The environmental impacts are lessened, as travel is not necessary. Saving on transportation also makes the overall project less expensive for the client.
170315 Marco - Swale Overflows_edited_ed
First we defined the earthworks
The owner of this project contacted John in the Spring of 2017. He understood a good deal about Permaculture, but had some hesitations. He hired John to create a Master Plan for the site, in order to ensure that the project was well-organized from the start.
In addition, he saw the value of receiving another designer's perspective on the land that he knew so well.
170312 Marco 2.jpeg
Then we added the remaining elements
A Work in Progress
The strategy was a success.
The Master Plan defined the circulation and placement of the main elements. Once these were  determined, the client was able to make more specific design decisions.
Swale Image.jpg
First earthworks after a nice rain
Traditionally speaking, it would have been unthinkable to design a site without first spending time there.
However, with the advancement in drone technology, as well as the reevaluation of priorities that is occurring in the face of climate change, clients and designers have begun to question previously accepted norms. This project is a successful example of the new approach in Permaculture design.
Key Takeaway
No one knows your land better than you do.
But an experienced designer can help you to organize your thoughts and provide you with a clear map, in the form of a Master Plan. Document in hand, you'll move forward confidently, knowing that your project will evolve in a coherent, efficient and organized way. That was the case for this client, and he's happy he made the investment.
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