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In the Spring of 2017, my wife and I purchased a 27,000 m2 plot of land on the NE coast of the island of Sicily. The front part of the site overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea (A small sea located within the larger Mediterranean Sea, pictured above).
In August of the same year, on a back portion of the site (pictured below), we began implementing our design of a 6,000 m2 food forest.
When we started it was a dry, abandoned lot where only blackberry bushes were able grow.
By March 2021, the principal layers of our design were complete (pictured below).
In about 3 1/2 years we were able to shape the land, build dry stone retaining walls, add 6 small ponds, and plant more than 150 fruit and nut trees, consisting of over 90 different species. The land has been effectively transformed from a dry, abandoned lot to a young ecosystem. As a result, life is starting to take hold.
This plot is not connected to a city water source and there is no well here. To irrigate these young trees during our 6 month dry season we use 100% rainwater, harvested from the ponds during the rainy season and stored for later.
But this is really only the beginning. There are still temporary water tanks about, there's no shade yet (the trees aren't even big enough to see from the aerial image), and the land is still healing from the water-harvesting earthworks.
John Kaisner 2022c.jpg
But this is what we do.  We transform land.
If you like what we do and are interested in working with us, please take a moment to fill out the contact form below.
Otherwise feel free to check back here from time to time in order to see how things are progressing. This is very satisfying work. We're always happy to share what we are doing.
Thanks for your time.
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