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Instructional Videos
John's videos are viewed in over 80 countries throughout the world

To date they have logged over 10 million minutes of total view time

This is not breaking any YouTube records, by any means, but it shows that this content has proven useful to a wide variety of people
The videos are made available free of charge, in the spirit of teaching people how to better their lives, and the world, through Natural Farming and Permaculture
The entire collection can be found here:
John Kaisner The Natural Farmer
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*A word of explanation:
In India John was given the name Jagannath, which he used in some of his older videos...
​What viewers are saying:
"John K is the real deal. I have been following him for quite some time now, and have enormous confidence in the knowledge he imparts and the way he does so. He's made me feel more confident in my abilities as a forest gardener/natural farmer/permaculturist..."
  - Rhuomai B.R.
"Sincere and dedicated. If you have a chance, volunteer to work with him."
  - Tom S.
"I've been following your youtube channel for a while now and I just wanted to say that I have learned so much from you. Thank you for posting all those videos and for keeping up the amazing work!"
  - Stephan S.
"I live in a tropical country and I have found many useful informations in John Kaisner's Youtube videos. In each one of these videos, topics are treated in a very practical way, with passion, sincerity, simplicity. I love that ! Thanks a lot, John Kaisner!"
  - Jean-Philippe B.
"I have dryzone permaculture farm in srilanka, i am learning lot of thing about farming with using the natural farmer channel highly practical lessons Excellent source of practical advice on permaculture and natural farming Thanks lot about your great effort to teaching practical farming good luck"
  - Shameen B.W.
"I just watched your video on banana circles and shared it with my Permaculture group. I'm an apartment dweller with a very small approximately 300 sf to garden, but I'm trying to use permaculture as much as I can. Your videos have helped me a lot."
  - Amie W.
"I just found this channel. I love how you think"
  - Franki H.
"Information Goldmine. The YouTube videos are excellent."
  - Bear M.
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