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Independent Study

PDC Certification + Master Plan for your land (developed with John)

  • 72 hr
  • Please contact us...
  • Online Course, via Zoom

Service Description

After spending years designing people's land, as well as teaching the 72 hour fully-certified Permaculture Design Course, John had a pretty novel idea. What if we combined these activities into an Independent Study? Why? Well, first of all, because nobody knows your land better than you do. You spend time on it, observe it through it's seasonal changes, love it, care for it... No one knows it better than you do. However...perhaps you don't have the experience necessary to confidently move forward with designing a Master Plan for your site. Or perhaps you have even taken a PDC, but still don't feel that you are able to jump in and get things going in a coherent way on the landscape. Over the years, John has met countless people who feel the same way. So to help make things easier, he created the PDC Independent Study. It goes like this... Twice a week for eighteen weeks, you and John meet via Zoom. You also stay in contact via WhatsApp chat and email between sessions, as necessary. You become, in essence, a student working with a Permaculture tutor. One on one. Full attention. As the course progresses, you study the book Permaculture: A Designer's Handbook by Bill Mollison together, moving through the PDC coursework, chapter by chapter, emphasizing key points and breaking down the difficult to understand concepts until they are clear and useful. In addition, you are taking steps forward in the design of your own land. You are making the decisions, with John's backing. If you get stuck or confused, he's there to help. And together, step by step, you evolve your design until you have a solid, workable Master Plan for your land. Final deliverables: 1. Permaculture Design Course certified diploma signed by John 2. A Master Plan for your land that fits like a glove We really feel that this approach is the way forward for Permaculture education. Drop us a line and let's start the conversation...

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