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Hold on to your Vision

Posted on December 1, 2017 So…Rather than lecture or teach or do any of the things that I normally seem to do on the channel, I’d like to simply share some thoughts. They may be somewhat unorganized, but bear with me.Most of the world has no understanding of Permaculture or Natural Farming.This became clear to me when we began our site, here in Sicily.We as Permaculture designers use strategies which are generations old. However, many of these strategies are unknown to the generations still living. The impact of technology in farming has been so profound that it has all but eliminated common sense and time saving techniques. In the past, rain was harvested at the high point of the land. From that height it was allowed to flow down via gravity to the land below.Now people just buy an electric pump.The poetry of the farm is dead.So it should come as no surprise that we feel alone in our quest.That was certainly the case for me when we moved here.I do not want to be negative. Nor do I want to discourage you as Permaculture designers. However, I need to caution you to the fact that the road you are walking can be isolating.There just aren’t that many people doing this stuff.It can be isolating in the beginning.People won’t get it.And you may feel very, very alone.But don’t give up.Hold on to your vision.Over time, as the plants begin to grow, it gets less lonely.The plants keep you company. The living things with which you fill your space. They become your friends and companions.The animals too!It’s been that way for me.Where there was once a blank slate, life springs into action.And when the plants come, the people begin to see. Because then it’s not only you who is talking, but also Nature. She does the convincing for you. Her expression is undeniable. And those who once doubted, begin to see.But you must stay the course for any of this to come true.Or else it won’t.Life will just be filled with more electric pumps.So don’t give up.John

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Totally agree with this John , I studied permaculture 8 years ago . Was the happiest and personally transformative process in my thinking and living . Managed to make inroads in integrating into my home/ garden and life , but it stalled . However it’s the translation against a hegemony that is dominant and where personal vision gets squeezed and you start doubting yourself . I think the biggest thing I learned from the permaculture / sustainable movement is starting small , building community and resilience , long road is change . Despite the terrible impact on the world the pandemic has been a seed for many to think differently and reassess, even politics and government to look fo…

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