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Above the countryside in the south of France
Homestead in France
The following is an example of a project designed on location, during a three day visit to the site.
In addition to the drawings below, measurements and architectural working drawings of the existing structure were also created as part of the final deliverables.
The client currently spends 4 months a year on this property, with the hope of living here full time once she and her husband are retired.
The originally 20-acre property was comprised of a large chateau as well as a support structure in the form of a 'U'. Over time, the property was divided into 4 equal parts. Our client purchased one of these parts and is currently developing it into a lovely Permaculture homestead for themselves and their four adult children.
1 RL Master Plan w Labels.JPG
Master Plan of the 5-acre property
Plan for the Inner Courtyard
Inner courtyard at time of site visit
2 RL Persp Full Water Mgmt w Labels.JPG
Proposed Circulation and Earthworks
4 RL Persp Full w Labels.JPG
With all elements included
This project is currently being realized.
Though the client is free to improvise and alter the Master Plan at any time, they have continually expressed their gratitude at having taken the time and dedicated the resources necessary for the design of this property.
Obstacles to realizing any design are inevitable, but having a map from which to work often proves to be the difference between a coherent project and one that seems patched together and unorganized.
If you need help on a design, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Or perhaps you would like to take a course and learn how to apply these techniques yourself...
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